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ANFA Gems & Jewellery DMCC

ANFA Gems & Jewellery DMCC is a limited company registered in Dubai – ​UAE. We represent G44 mines in Brazil. G44 emerald mines are located in the ​Campos Verdes area in Santa Terezinha de Goiás – Brazil, which is known as ​“Capital of the Emerald World” due to its dark vivid green high-quality ​emeralds production. G44 mines licensed, legitimate, and sustainable.

Our emeralds are sourced directly from G44 mines, then cut & polished by ​expert gem-cutters in G44's own factory in the same area, near the mine. Our ​mine-to-market approach allows us to offer very good quality emeralds at highly ​affordable wholesale prices.

A complete range of (natural) rough and cut & polished emeralds is available ​from our stock in Dubai. Our current production capacity is 100 kilograms of ​rough and up to 10,000 carats cut & polished emeralds per month.

We are also looking for distributors and dealers all over the world for our ​emeralds sales. Anyone who is interested in joining our sales network and ​wholesale is welcome to visit our office in Almas Tower, JLT, Dubai, and G44 ​mines, G44 Mineracao LTDA in Campos Verdes, Santa Terezinha de Goiás – ​Brazil.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We hope to provide ​as per the current market need and situation.

Our Products

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Emerald is the bluish green to ​green variety of beryl, a ​mineral species that includes ​aquamarine.

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Aquamarine is named after ​seawater, as its fresh watery ​hue is a cool plunge into a ​refreshing pool.

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The essence of the color ​purple, amethyst is beautiful ​enough for crown jewels yet ​affordable enough for class ​rings.

Raw Emeralds

Rough Brazilian Natural Emeralds​

Available Stock in Dubai

We have very good quality ​Rough (uncut) Brazilian ​Natural Emeralds available in ​stock in Dubai. Sizes are ​sorted per carat weight and ​available in different weight ​lots.

Gem Stones

A selection of finished material

Available Stock in Dubai

A wide range of good quality ​cut and polished gemstones ​(emeralds, aquamarine and ​amethyst) is available in stock ​in Dubai. Quality is superb ​and prices are very ​competitive.

Sample Pictures

Some pictures of rough emeralds from the current stock in Dubai

Boi Verde

ANFA possesses one of the world’s biggest Emerald Rock Stone,

called Boi Verde (Green Ox).

The stone, weighing approximately 617 lbs (280 kg)

(± 1,400,000 carats) originated from Bahia, Brazil and ​has emerald crystals embedded in the host rock.

Masjid e Nabawi Dome

ANFA is proud to present the world a unique artistic handcraft of Masjid e Nabawi Dome

(قبة المسجد النبوي), made with precious and semi-precious stones

Frame size (WxH): 98x126 centimeters


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