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(Schist with Emeralds)

ANFA possesses one of the world’s biggest Emerald ​Rock Stone.

The stone, weighing approximately 617 lbs (280 kg)

(± 1,400,000 carats) originated from Bahia, Brazil ​and has emerald crystals embedded in the host ​rock.

Local people from the extraction area of this object ​has given a name to this rock stone as “Boi Verde”, ​meaning Green Ox.


The mine where the emerald was extracted is located in the city of Pindobaçu. This stone is a variation ​of beryl (Be3Al2Si6O18) and is the noblest amongst the types of this mineral. Other variations of beryl ​are aquamarine, bixbite, goshenite, heliodor, and morganite. The emerald's green color is due to the ​presence of minimal amounts of chromium and, sometimes, vanadium. It is prized as a gem, and the ​price per carat places it amongst the most valuable stones in the world, losing some of this value due to ​inclusions that often occur in all emeralds.

According to historical records, the Egyptians believed that the stone had the power to protect against ​the spirit's evils, besides being able to guide the future. Solomon was gifted an emerald by the queen of ​Sheba as a token of admiration. The Jews had it on the necklaces of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Emeralds adorned many artifacts, such as the "Holy Grail" (a name given to the cup used by Jesus on ​the Last Supper), papal tiaras, kings' crowns, and maharajas' turbans. They were used to garnish the ​princesses' laces and nobles' fingers. The Romans believed that it conjured up sorrow and turned pain ​into joy. The sailors carried it around their necks as amulets, hoping for a good trip in calm seas.

The emerald was considered to be a symbol of medicine. This was due to the fact that Asclepius, the ​mythological Greek physician, was adept at treating patients with plants.

During the Age of Discovery, the Spanish navigators, who were astonished by the number of emeralds ​the Inca civilization possessed, confiscated the stones. In Brazil, the search for these gems was led by ​Fernão Dias Paes Leme, a Bandeirante from São Paulo, also known as the Emerald Hunter. Solely for ​the purpose of finding emeralds, Fernão commanded a great expedition from the city of São Vicente, ​advancing through great extensions of woods. He ran into the Sertão of Minas Gerais and condemned ​his son to the gallows, and, as an act of vengeance, his son plotted against him.

The significant deposits of emeralds are in Colombia and also be found in large quantities in Brazil in ​the Serra da Carnaíba (Bahia), Campos Verdes (Goiás), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Zambia and ​Zimbabwe.


A report is prepared for the valuation of this Emerald Rock Stone, according to the rules and ​procedures used by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The schist sample is not polished, and it's kept and stored on an iron support stand. The company has a ​black and green schist sample, weighing approximately 275.00 kg (two hundred and seventy-five ​kilograms).

The schist with emeralds sample was classified and evaluated according to the parameters currently ​used in the international market.

The Cooperativa Mineral da Bahia (Bahia's Mineral Cooperative), registered in the Brazilian National ​Register of legal entities under number CNPJ: 08.020.967/0001-47, located at 414 Pedro Luiz square, zip ​code 44770-000, Pindobaçu, Bahia, Brazil. The company is working on a small scale, extracting emeralds ​in their mine under process numbers 871.860/2006, 871.861/2006, and 873.335/2006. With given ​permission to mine, the schist with emeralds sample was extracted and sold on April 9, 2019. After ​extraction, the said object was sold to Mr. Edison Nagib Zaccarias' Company (Mineracao Zaccarias), ​registered at the Brazilian National Register of the legal entities under number CNPJ: 30.641.763/0001-​82, located at 001 street Jose Januário, zip code 76515-000, at Campos Verdes, Goiás, Brazil.

This schist sample was sold on May 25, 2020, to G44 Mineração LTDA, registered in the Brazilian ​National Register of legal entities under number CNPJ: 31.975.883/0001-89. G44 Mineração has brought ​this object to Dubai with the collaboration of ANFA Gems & Jewellery DMCC, a registered company in ​Dubai under trade license number: DMCC-702788.


A certificate was prepared in accordance with technical standards suggested by the Brazilian ​Association of Technical Standards – ABNT gemological materials (NBR-10630 March 1989), and the ​Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The issued Certificate of Identification & Authenticity states as ​follows;

"The schist is analyzed for identification and authenticity: it is a sample of schist with emeralds in black ​and green color with a total weight of approximately 275.00 kg (two hundred and seventy-five ​kilograms). The sample was classified as a phlogopite schist with emeralds."

The schist rock stone object has the following dimensions:

length 101.00 cm x average width 42.00 cm x average height 89.00 cm. The rock is composed of a dark-​colored matrix with embedded green emerald crystals.

The rock stone has a large number of green crystals in a hexagonal shape. The schist is classified as ​phlogopite schist, a dark-colored rock, generally purple due to chromium and marked with foliation. ​This schist is composed of 70% to 90% phlogopite, displaying millimeter to submillimeter crystals that, ​sometimes, make the phlogopite turn into chlorite.

It is possible to notice the second foliation in some schist sample areas, which cuts the first where ​hexagonal green crystals occur. In the schist sample, talc, quartz, chlorite, phlogopite, and beryl can be ​found in differing quantities.

Detailed Pictures

Real Life Impression

Here is a picture of the Emerald Rock Stone from ​real life perspective to see its volume and size.

The stone weighs approximately 617 lbs (280 kg).

The schist rock stone object has the following ​dimensions:

length 101.00 cm x average width 42.00 cm x average height 89.00 cm

The rock is composed of a dark-colored matrix with ​embedded green emerald crystals.


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