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Masjid e Nabawi Dome

ANFA is proud to present the world a unique artistic handcraft of Masjid e Nabawi Dome

(قبة المسجد النبوي), made with precious and semi-precious stones

Frame size (WxH): 98 x 126 centimeters

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126 cm

98 cm

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Details of Material Used*:

1. Emeralds (rough) 1,000 carats

2. Emeralds (emerald cut) 360 carats

3. Emeralds (Diamond cut) 1,100 carats

4. Emeralds (Cabochon) 200 carats

5. Emeralds (Marquise cut) 160 carats

6. Emeralds (Pear cut) 250 carats

7. Emeralds (Square cut) 150 carats

8. Emeralds (Briolette cut) 1,500 carats

9. Emeralds (Mix) 1,000 carats

10. Aquamarine (Mix cut) 720 carats

11. Aquamarine (Rough) 500 carats

12. Citrine (Transparent) 2,500 grams

13. Citrine (Yellow) 500 grams

14. Citrine (Round, Milky) 400 grams

15. A fiber base for the 3D dome structure

16. ARALDITE® Standard Epoxy Adhesive

17. Wooden frame size (WxH): 98x126 centimeters

* Weights are approximating. A minimal difference in actual weight may occur.


Emerald, the green variety of Beryl, is the most ​famous and valuable green gemstone. Its ​beautiful green color, combined with durability ​and rarity, makes it one of the most expensive ​gemstones.

The oldest emeralds dated back almost three ​billion years ago. However, they were first mined ​in Egypt around 1500BC, where it was believed ​that emeralds stood for fertility and rebirth. ​Mummies were often buried with them to ​symbolize eternal youth. The Incas and Aztecs ​also valued these rich green gems, worshipping ​them as gods.

Still, in the present day, people admire the beauty ​and elegance of emeralds and want to have them ​in their possession.

Artist's Inspiration

The Muslim artist, who made this handcraft was ​inspired by the green dome of "Nabawi Mosque" in ​Madina, Saudi Arabia, just like millions of other ​Muslims around the world.

The mosque dome showcases the beautiful and ​mesmerizing strength and impact of Islamic culture ​and customs, and hence Muslim's fondness for the ​green color stems majorly from the iconic vibrant ​color of this dome.

The artist's personal visit to the holy center left him ​touched by the spirit of the place and motivated the ​use of some of the world's most valuable materials ​(gems) to express his faithful devotion.

The deep hues of the emerald stone capture the ​intricate beauty of this historical mosque dome, and ​hence inspired the artist to combine the two in a ​passionately handcrafted portrait.

Detailed Images and Video

of the Handcraft

Artist: Naeem Ahmed Zaheer

CEO of ANFA Gems & Jewellery DMCC, Dubai - U.A.E.

This is to certify that all precious and semi-precious stones used in the artistic handcraft of Masjid e Nabawi Dome (قبة المسجد النبوي) are 100 percent authentic.

We guarantee that the emerald stones used in this handcraft were mined in the Campos Verdes area in Santa Terezinha de Goiás - Brazil, known as the "Capital of the Emerald World" due to its dark vivid green high-quality emeralds production. Furthermore, all the stones were mined licensed, legitimate, and sustainable.

All other semi-precious stones, like Aquamarine, Citrine, and Quartz are also from the nearby areas in Brazil.


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